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Hosiptal Cleaning

Attack bacteria and destroy it where it breeds

Hospital Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning

Our highly trained cleaners and first rate cleaning products and processes all combine to attack bacteria and destroy it where it breeds. They pay special attention to high touch areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles and push plates so that nothing is left to chance General cleaning – exam rooms, labs, waiting rooms, offices, lobbies, walkways, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, activity rooms, community spaces.
• Hardwood floor maintenance
• Shampooing carpets using various techniques
• Cleaning floors
• Detailed elevator, escalator cleaning
• Commercial cleaning and disinfecting of lavatories
• Provisioning of all general lavatory supplies
• Sanitation of showers and shower surfaces
• Interior and exterior window cleaning
• Special event clean-up

A hospital environment requires special attention to safety and sanitation. Hospital cleaners need to understand and apply safe methods of handling equipment and chemicals. 

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